Save time and money with Nyloplast PVC Basins and Ductile Iron Grates

Nyloplast offers a full line of drain inlets to replace precast and brick & mortar structures with 8”-36” pipe connections that are fast and easy to work with. STRONG / DURABLE / 100 YR-SERVICE LIFE

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Faster Production

PVC body, water tight gasketed connections, and accepts a variety of frames, grates, and covers. Less than 3 day hot rush option available to get project started even faster. Call ahead based on order demand.

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Faster Delivery

More basins shipped per TL with less truckload traffic to manage and arrive wrapped and palletized for easy job site storage.

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Faster Installation

3-4X faster installation. Customized water tight structures with plug and play joints. No messy grout work that requires additional labor and long curing times.


Every day you wait, the more money you lose. Order Nyloplast stormwater inlets today and stop waiting around.


Less than 1 week

Nyloplast Drain Basin takes less than 1 week to arrive on job site


More than a month

Concrete Structure takes more than a month to arrive on job site