N-12® Flex

This pipe offers the flexibility contractors want and the flow rate farmers need, with 12% better flow rates than the flexible dual-wall pipe industry average and 84% better flow rates than single wall pipe.

1 Product Variation

N-12 Flex Maxi Coil

N-12 Flex Maxi Coil

N-12 Flex Maxi Coil


More Flow. Less Pipe.

Increased flow capacity enables more flow from a smaller diameter pipe, when compared to single wall.

Simpler & Safer Installs,

Eliminates the need for open trenching, increasing safety and installation speed.

Reduced Operating Costs.

Decreases the amount of material, labor, and equipment needed, reducing overhead and operating costs.


Your Leader in Agriculture

We know farmers and they know us. We work with contractors to develop the best solution for each farm

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