Post Tensioning Duct Pipe

Our Post Tensioning Duct features spiral corrugated interior and exterior corrugations with a minimum 1.91-inch (48.5mm) inside diameter and average 2.3-inch (58.4mm) outer diameter. Available in 100' (30m), 500' (152m) and 7,000' (2,133m) non-perforated rolls. The ideal duct for post-tensioning tension cable shielding in concrete decking and similar applications.

1 Product Variation

Singlewall stick long view

Singlewall stick long view

Singlewall stick long view


Our Post Tensioning Duct shall have spiral corrugated interior and exterior corrugations. Minimum inside diameter and average outer diameter shall be 1.91-inches and 2.3-inches respectively. Average pipe stiffness at 5% deflection shall be 80pii when tested in accordance with ASTM D2412. Average weight shall be 0.19 pounds per foot.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard (non-gasketed) connections meet the soil-tightness requirements of AASHTO M252.   
  • Material Properties Pipe and fitting material are high density polyethylene conforming with the minimum requirements of cell classification 435400C as defined and described in the latest version of ASTM D3350.  
  • Installation shall be in accordance with state or local regulations and those issued by the design engineer.   
  • Chemically inert
  • Ideal for bridge decks, parking structure slabs and horizontal slabs

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