It is Advanced Drainage System’s philosophy to maintain an open and free exchange of information, problems and complaints between managers and employees. It is important that problems be discussed and resolved in a timely way. Most problems or concerns can be resolved between an employee and the immediate manager in the normal course of their day-to-day relationship.

In some cases though, a personal problem, a policy interpretation, or disagreement will be taken to a higher level of supervision. If an employee wants to talk to a higher level of management, or to a representative of Human Resources, the employee should feel free to do so, and it is ADS policy to encourage this.

No supervisor or manager should discourage employees in any way from discussing their problems with a higher level of supervision or from seeking a review of any decision at a higher level, or at the Corporate level. Employees should seek a review of any decision that the employee feels is improper or unfair. Employees are encouraged to write the problem or question down on paper, however no particular form is necessary.


Last Reviewed: April 2023

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