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Proper drainage is the foundation of high performance golf courses, athletic and recreational fields.

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With high levels of play and traffic, changes in soil moisture can be detrimental to the turf's natural ability to handle the load. Our products help maintain proper drainage to improve the health of grass and sod, effectively use turf nutrients, lower the chances of disease, maximize playability, reduce compaction, remove soluble salts, protect property investment and ensure players' safety.

Irrigation Necessaties

When it comes to sports fields and golf courses, proper irrigation is a must. Our products like PolyFlex pipe and tubing, provide potable water service and irrigation applications. All PolyFlex pipe are lightweight and chemically resistant.

Duraslot Slotted Drain Pipe

Duraslot intercepts sheet flow, stormwater and surface runoff on sports fields to ensure safe playing conditions.

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Nyloplast: A Hole In One

turf nylo

Nyloplast: A Hole In One

Proper golf course drainage promotes healthier grass and sod and more effective use of soil nutrients.

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StormTech Chambers

Nyloplast & StormTech Crush Golf Course 1

StormTech Chambers

StormTech chambers are designed to meet the most stringent industry performance standards for superior structural integrity while providing designers with a cost-effective method to provide advanced drainage to address today’s increasing demand for sports fields.

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