SaniTite® HP Dual Wall Pipe

Featuring advanced polypropylene resin technology, SaniTite HP Dual Wall Pipe (12”- 30”) is the logical choice for gravity flow sanitary sewer pipe. It offers superior joint performance, chemical abrasion, impact resistance, and additional redundancies and factors of safety not received by comparable products.

SaniTite HP Dual Wall Joining

SaniTite HP Dual Wall Joining

SaniTite HP 12-30 Dual Wall

SaniTite HP 12-30 Dual Wall

SaniTite HP Dual Wall Joining
SaniTite HP 12-30 Dual Wall


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SaniTite is manufactured with enhanced pipe stiffness, beam strength and joint integrity, for a long-lasting life. The bell and spigot joining system provides an added factor of safety for design engineers by including polymer-reinforced bells and double gasket spigots on every stick of pipe.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased stiffness yields an additional safety factor against construction loading and poor installations
  • The extended bell and spigot joint with redundant, double-gasketed joints meets ASTM D3212 and ensures lab and field testable watertight performance
  • 1,000 hour 10.8 psi (74.5 kPa) joint test for 30”-60” (750 mm - 1500 mm) pipe per ASTM F2764
  • Meets industry standards for manhole connections, testing and installation
  • Inert PP material is resistant to the effects of chemicals, abrasion, hot soils, and caustic effluent
  • Lightweight product for best installed cost for maximizing delivery and installation efficiencies
  • Readily available in convenient locations to service local projects

Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act
ADS SaniTite HP pipe, manufactured in accordance with ASTM F2764, complies with the requirements in the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act.

Product Specifications

SaniTite HP Specifications (Dual)
Diameters Available12-60" (300 mm-1500mm)
Lengths Available 13', 16.3' & 20' (4.0m, 4.9m & 6.1m)*
Joint PerformanceWater Tight (ASTM D3212)
Joining SystemExtended Reinforced Integral Bell & Double Gasketed Spigot
SpecificationsASTM F2764 12"-60" (300 mm-1500 mm)
Design Service LifeMinimum 100 Year
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