Mega Green® Dual Wall Pipe

Offering a minimum recycled content of 60 percent, Mega Green HDPE pipe is the ideal choice for sustainable infrastructure projects. Friendly to the environment and structurally sound, this Dual Wall corrugated HDPE pipe meets ASTM F2648 and provides a smooth interior (for hydraulic efficiency) and annular exterior corrugations.

Mega Green Pipe

Mega Green Pipe

Mega Green Pipe

Mega Green Pipe

Mega Green Pipe

Mega Green Pipe

Mega Green Pipe
Mega Green Pipe
Mega Green Pipe


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Lightweight, with a bell and spigot joint design and in-line bell design, Mega Green HDPE pipe is a Green Building product that can be used in a variety of environmentally conscious projects. Some applications include storm sewers, mining, forestry, industrial waterways, golf, turf and recreation, grain aeration, land reclamation and ditch enclosures.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimum 60 percent recycled high density polyethylene content
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Smooth interior with a Manning's value of 0.012 resulting in increased flow capacity
  • Inert HDPE material is resistant to the effects of chemicals, abrasion, hot soils, and effluent
  • Lightweight product for best installed cost for maximizing delivery and installation efficiencies
  • Structurally designed corrugated exterior to support typical construction and long term loading
  • Readily available in convenient locations to service local projects
  • Joint options to meet your application performance requirements including up to water-tight joints meeting ASTM D3212

Product Specifications

Mega Green Pipe Specification
 Soil Tight (STIB)Water Tight (WTIB)
Diameters Available4"-30" (100-750 mm)4"-60" (100-1500mm)
Lengths Available 20' (6m)*20' (6m)*
Joint PerformanceSoil TightWater Tight (ASTM D3212)
Joining SystemIntegral Bell & Gasketed SpigotWater Tight Reinforced Integral Bell & Gasketed Spigot
SpecificationsASTM F2648ASTM F2648

*Other lengths available, please contact your sales rep for more details.

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