Timber & Logging

Logging roads last longer when using our products to keep areas well-drained and in optimal condition.

Managing Stormwater in the Timber Industry

Forested areas are difficult to operate in when there's excess water. Lightweight, easy to install high density polyethylene products make road construction easier, and helps keep logging roads dry and serviceable. Properly installed, these products can also handle loads imposed by heavy equipment and logging trucks.

Products Used in Timber Applications

From timber industry culverts to erosion control products that reduce landscape deformation and hold vegetation firmly in place, we provide cost-effective drainage for the timber industry by providing pipe that can withstand the heaviest traffic. 


Creating Culverts

Cross drainage helps quickly funnel water from forests.

Specialty Fittings

Whether your gravity flow application calls for a lateral connection or bell couplers, we have a fitting solution.

Geogrids in Mining Applications


Geogrids in Mining Applications

Our geogrids are designed to eliminate rutting on unpaved roads, so trucks can haul timber safely.

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Engineered for the if, ready for the when.

ADS Resiliency

Engineered for the if, ready for the when.

Everyday stressors are just as significant as severe weather events. Our resilient stormwater management solutions are designed to handle both, providing long-term value and rapid recovery when time is of the essence.

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Our Reason is Water

timber Water

Our Reason is Water

We believe in managing and protecting a precious resource: water. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives.

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