Our wide variety of products provide water management solutions for parking areas to keep areas dry.


Stormwater runoff can create dangerous ponding and flooding conditions in parking areas, on roofs and around structures. Our products capture, convey, store and treat water before returning it to its natural environment. Our StormTech chambers are designed to specifically be used under parking lots to manage excess water and ensure safe conditions.

Green Infrastructure in Parking Lots

Because parking areas can border meadows and fields, it's important proper filtering is taking place to remove debris that may be picked up during stormwater runoff. Our Water Quality products provide the products developers and contractors need to treat water.

Treating Water

Our BayFilter Stormwater Treatment System is designed to effectively remove pollutants such as total suspended solids (TSS), phosphorus, metals, nitrogen, trash and hydrocarbons.

StormTech Chambers

The StormTech MC-4500 chamber is designed primarily to be used under parking lots, thus maximizing land usage for private private (commercial) and public applications.

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Our Reason is Water

As the second largest plastic recycling company in North America, we take managing water seriously.

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