Duraslot® XL
In Parking Area

Regina, SK
Installation Date:

Caltrans District 5

Caltrans District 5

Serafix Engineering Contractors
The contractor, Rock Hammer Industries Ltd., wanted an easily-installed and aesthetically-pleasing drainage system that would provide longevity for a parking area.


Rock Hammer considered using concrete or steel products, but none met the needs of the project. A local ADS distributor suggested Duraslot XL to Rock Hammer. It would be the first installation of Duraslot XL for Rock Hammer, which has used ADS products previously. Duraslot XL was installed with concrete surrounding the pipe. The concrete was poured to the point where pavers could be installed from the concrete to the top of the riser.

The parking area has numerous vehicles drive over and park on the Duraslot XL. The contractor has checked the project numerous times since and the system has held up perfectly.

Kevin Jordens of Rock Hammer was pleased with Duraslot XL’s performance. “The lightweight 10’ lengths of pipe are easy to unload, move into place and install at the job site. I will make use of Duraslot (XL) again, it will quite easily replace the supplies I use for water removal/redirection. The cost was about â…“ of the alternatives, which helped me to keep the costs down for my clients, which is always very important to me. The finished product has been viewed and admired by many neighbors and contractors. I couldn’t be happier.”

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