LaGuardia Airport

New York City, NY
Installation Date:

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Skanska Walsh

Skanska Walsh
The $8 billion rebuilding of LaGuardia Airport was the creation of a state-of-art facility in that new terminals, roads, parking lots, garages, retail shops and restaurants were built.


Along with the above ground work, an underground stormwater drainage system was built on the airside and land side.

Two ADS thermoplastic pipes - N-12 and HP Storm - were chosen for the stormwater drainage system. On the airside, which involves taxiways and de-icing pads, over 23,000’ (7,010 m) of HP Storm pipe was utilized. For the land side, 25,000’ (7,620 m) of N-12 pipe was used for access roads, parking lots and pedestrian areas.

HP Storm Pipe Delivered to Laguardia Airport

The choice of ADS pipe over RCP was a cost savings for the project. Because of its light weight and longer lengths, it was estimated the installation was cut in half compared to what it would have taken to use RCP. In addition, the ADS pipe cut deliveries to the busy airport by 33% as the smaller diameter pipe was nested in larger diameter pipe allowing more linear feet to be delivered on each truckload.

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