Inserta Tee Comparison Guide Product Sheet

Inserta Tee Comparison Guide Product Sheet.pdf

Inserta Tee Comparison Guide Product Sheet

The Inserta Tee® Comparison Guide illustrates differences between Inserta Tee and other lateral pipe connectors.

Inserta Tees can be utilized on new, rehabilitation and repair installations. Inserta Tees provide a reduction in labor hours and pipe materials, services can be connected where needed and eliminate glues, epoxies, grout, tightening and retightening of bands.

Inserta Tee is watertight and testable connection.

Inserta Tee is air testable and meets the testing requirements of ASTM D3212 at 10.8 psi (75 kPa) and is field testable to ASTM F2187, C969 and F1417.

Inserta will fit all common types and diameters of mainline pipe and all common types of lateral pipe from 2”-24” (50-600 mm).

The Inserta Tee Comparison Guide also features a table comparing Inserta Tee to rubber saddle tees, saddles and other product in testing, installation, mainline adaptability and lateral connections.

Watertight performance of Inserta Tee depends on the type and condition of the mainline pipe. Contact your ADS representative about your specific application.

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