Inserta Tee OneFit into Concrete, 08-22

Inserta Tee OneFit into Concrete, 08-22.pdf

Inserta Tee OneFit into Concrete, 08-22

The ADS® Inserta Tee® OneFit™ Installation for Concrete Pipe and Structures describes OneFit and provides step-by-step installation instructions.

OneFit saves time with a fast and efficient installation and saves money by lowering material and labor costs.

OneFit applications include roof drain leaders, structures, retention/detention, storm sewers, irrigation/agriculture, Nyloplast® drain basins, municipal repair/rehabilitation, fiberglass manholes, rainwater harvesting and all pipe types.

The OneFit installations show how to trim the inner sleeve and assemble the two sleeves together – aligning the gold lines - so about 2”-3” (50-75 mm) of the inner sleeve is visible. The OneFit should not protrude through the wall of the host pipe. A Gold or Silver Inserta Tee hole saw should be used to core a hole perpendicular to the host pipe. After inserting the sleeves into the cored hole, a soap solution is applied to the inside of the inner sleeve and outside of the PVC hub. Aligning the red line on the hub with the inner sleeves’ gold lines, insert the hub into the sleeve until snug. The plastic hub is then driven into the rubber sleeve with a block of wood and mallet until the rubber sleeve meets the hub’s red line. The inner sleeve will seal to the concrete and remain in place.

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