Aquabox Product Sheet

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Aquabox Product Sheet

This document is the Aquabox Product Sheet. Description, features and benefits listed. Aquabox details shown.

Aquabox is a modular underground system designed for sustainable stormwater management. The modules are delivered palletized to the project site and assembled in place.

The Aquabox system is designed primarily to be used under parking lots, thus maximizing land usage for private (commercial) and public applications.

The Aquabox can also be used in conjunction with Green Infrastructure, thus enhancing the performance and extending the service life of these practices.

Features include: Fast and easy installation, High load resistance, Open and flexible system that can be used for both detention and retention (infiltration) applications, 96% void ratio, 29.5” x 29.5 “x 31.5” (750 x 750 x 800 mm) modular modules that are easy to manage, 15.24ft3 (0.43 m3) per Aquabox module.

Benefits are: Internal configuration makes the system easily accessible for inspection, maintenance & cleaning. Modules are stackable, allowing 16,000 ft3 (453.1 m3) of installed volume to be transported in a single truckload.

3 Aquabox details are shown.

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