SC-740 StormTech FULL DETAIL SHEET with Notes

SC-740 StormTech FULL DETAIL SHEET with Notes.pdf

SC-740 StormTech FULL DETAIL SHEET with Notes

DC-740 StormTech Chamber Specifications.

This detail sheet features the DC-740 StormTech Chamber Specifications. Diagrams and inspection/maintenance steps included.

DC-740 StormTech Chamber Specifications are that chambers will be StormTech DC-740, chambers will be arch-shaped, meet requirements of ASTM F2418 chamber rows shall provide continuous, unobstructed internal space with no internal supports that would impede flows or limit maintenance access, structural design, backfill and installation requirements to specified load factors, chambers shall be designed, tested and allowable load configurations as to ASTM F2787, follow requirements for handling and installation, chambers approved by site design engineer allowed, and chambers and endcaps be produced at an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility.

Notes for bidding and installation of DC-740 chamber system are that the chambers will be installed after manufacturer approval, installation done per StormTech DC-740 construction guide, 3 backfill recommendations, foundation stone to be level and compacted, joints between chambers to be properly seated, maintain spacing between rows, inlet and outlet manifold insertion minimums, embedment stone must meet AASHTO M43 designation, stone shall be brought up evenly around the chambers to not distort shape, stone must be placed on the top center of the chamber to anchor chambers in place, report any discrepancies to site design engineer and a recommendation to use “Flexstorm Catch It’ inserts for all inlets.

Details included in this document are the underdrain detail, DC-740 Isolator Row Plus cross section, PVC inspection port detail, MC-Series end cap insertion detail, Inserta-TEE side inlet and the DC-740 technical specifications.

An acceptable fill material chart and a DC-740 cross section of chamber installation with material layers is shown.

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