1480B Duraslot XL Assembly

1480B Duraslot XL Assembly.pdf

1480B Duraslot XL Assembly

This document shows the 1480B Duraslot XL Assembly. Details of various Duraslots with descriptors provided.

The details show the various configurations of the assembly with descriptors of each stage. The descriptions show the DURASLOT XL End Cap, DURASLOT XL Pipe, DURASLOT XL Adapter, ADS N-12 HDPE or HP Storm Pipe, DURASLOT XL Coupler Band, DURASLOT XL End Plate, 5" Wide Grate (Provided by ADS or Other), 1 4" x 20 Locking Bolt (Bolt Design Varies by Grate Design), Locking Plate with 1 4" x 20 Nut, Hex Head Assembly Kit with 5 16" Hex Head Screw x 3 ½" Long w/(2) Washers & 5 16" Hex Nuts.

A note explains that slot height may vary per project. Each Cap & Adapter comes with an End Plate and a Coupler Band comes with a Hex Head Assembly Kit.

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