Geotextile Products Brochure

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Geotextile Products Brochure

The document is the ADS Geotextiles Brochure, which gives information on nonwoven and woven geotextiles.

The woven and nonwoven fabrics can be utilized for soil stabilization and reinforcement, erosion control, separation, filtration and drainage. There is a table that gives information on the correct geotextile to use for subsurface drainage, roadway separation, roadway stabilization, erosion control, railroad stabilization and leachate collection/detection.

Nonwoven geotextiles stabilize roadways and can be used to filter solid particles in drainage systems. Nonwoven are produced of high quality, needle-punched, staple fiber geotextiles. Noven geotextiles are approved by local, state and federal agencies, including the Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA and AASHTO.

For subsurface drainage, nonwovens are excellent filters allowing water to pass into the drainage pipe and preventing adjacent soils from clogging the pipe system. When using nonwovens for roadway separation/railroad stabilization the road life is extended by preventing fine soil particles from migrating into aggregate.

Nonwoven geotextiles act as a filter for hard armor underlayment to prevent soil migration and hydrostatic pressure buildup, which are the two leading causes of hard armor underlayment failure.

Subsurface retention/detention systems pipe systems are surrounded by geotextiles to prevent soil intrusion into the angular stone backfill/water storage area.

In unpaved roadways, a woven geotextile saves on aggregate placement by spreading applied loads over a wider foundation to reduce rutting and preventing contamination by subgrade soil. For paved roadways a woven placed directly on subgrade will separate aggregate from fine soils and improves the roadway’s subsurface drainage.

Wovens can also be used for hard armor underlayment and subsurface drainage. In hard armor underlayment wovens prevent soil migration, but allow water to flow through the fabric. In subsurface drainage, a woven geotextile wrapped around a drainage pipe offers resistance to soil particle clogging to extend the drainage surface’s service life.

The brochure has many photos to support and show how to use geotextiles.

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