TN 1.07 - Manhole Adapter Guide

TN 1.07 - Manhole Adapter Guide.pdf

TN 1.07 - Manhole Adapter Guide

TN 1.07 Manhole Adapter Guide applies to the SaniTite® HP, HP Storm and N-12® HDPE Pipe. It provides information about manhole connection basics, including compression connections and boot connections.

For compression connections, the gasket is cast into the wall of the manhole at the precaster’s facility. Gaskets cannot be field installed. A-LOK® Premium is recommended for all connections. The Premium gasket has higher compression than the A-LOK standard gasket, which aids in sealing against the outer wall of SaniTite HP triple wall pipe and the SaniTite HP manhole adapter sleeve for dual wall pipe. A-LOK gaskets always need to connect to a smooth surface of pipe – Nyloplast® adapter or ADS adapter sleeves are required when using dual wall pipe. Triple wall pipe requires no adapter.

For boot connections, the gasket can be installed by the precaster or field-installed by the contractor. The precaster will form the required hole in the structure and either the precaster or contractor will install the boot. Preferred manufacturers are Press Seal® (PSX Direct Drive) and Trelleborg (Kor-n-Seal®). Boots always need to be connected to a smooth surface. You can connect to a dual wall pipe with an installed corrugated pipe adapter (valley fill gasket) or a Manhole adapter sleeve.

The TN 1.07 Manhole Adapter Guide offers diagrams illustrating the sleeve manhole adapter for boot or compression connections, the Nyloplast® PVC Manhole Adapter boot or compression connection, the Corrugated Pipe Adapter Gasket for boot connections only, and SaniTite HP TW to HP Storm DW boot or compression connections. This guide also provides images for reference.

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