HP MH Details Packet

HP MH Details Packet.pdf

HP MH Details Packet

This document is the HP MH Details Packet. 48” polypropylene basin specification with materials and installation tips provided.

This specification describes the 48” Polypropylene Basin for use in underground storm water applications. The ductile iron grates for each of these fittings are to be considered an integral part of the surface drainage inlet and shall be furnished by the same manufacturer.

The 48” Polypropylene Basin bodies shall be made from an impact modified copolymer polypropylene meeting the material requirements of ASTM F2764. The joint tightness shall conform to ASTM D3212 for joints for drain and sewer plastic pipe using flexible elastomeric seals. The flexible elastomeric seals used for the polyethylene cone and pipe connections to the structure shall conform to ASTM F477. The reducing plate, covers, grates and frames furnished for all 48” Polypropylene Basin surface drainage inlets shall be ductile iron.

The maximum burial depth of the 48” (1200 mm) HP Polypropylene Basin is 15' (4.6 m) with the use of Class I compacted material as defined in ASTM D234. Excavate Polypropylene Basin location to the depth required and provide a stone base.

Detailed figures of the basin are options for frame and cover, marmac wrap, inserta-Tee, adapters are provided.

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