StormTech + BayFilter Standard Detail

StormTech + BayFilter Standard Detail.dwg

StormTech + BayFilter Standard Detail

StormTech + BayFilter Standard Detail.

This document is the StormTech + BayFilter Standard Detail. Schematic, cross section, benefits with performance notes are included.

StormTech Isolator Row Plus and BayFilter cross section shows the Flamp, chamber drop, Nyloplast, sump depth, geotextile, HDPE access pipe, outlet pipe, filter drop and control weir.

StormTech Isolator Row Plus and BayFilter schematic details the Nyloplast basin, elevated bypass, flow through stone, fabric scour protection, underdrain, control weir, and BayFilter.

The filter cartridge section shows the outlet pipe, polymer seal, inlet drainage material, media spiral, outlet drainage material, air release valve, outlet pathway, flow control orifice, inlet plate, filter leg and outlet collection manifold.

Key benefits of the BayFilter include: removes 80% or more of TSS and 65% removal of total phosphorus load. Premium water quality control, fully customizable, installation in standard manholes, designed for water quality flow rates or volumes, large filter surface area and capable of handling 150-300 lbs of sediment.

Some of the EcoPure performance notes include how the biofilter is an inline unit capable of conveying 100% of the design peak flow that can bypass excessive flow rates. Also, it removes 85% or more of TSS and 70% removal of dissolved phosphorus.

Other key benefits of the Isolator Row Plus & BayFilter design are enhanced sediment removal, reduced maintenance cycles, easy to install and configure to specific sites and online design tools to create layouts.

The key benefits of the StormTech chambers are a large selection of chambers to fit your site, easily configurable, meets ASTM F2418, ASTM F2922 and ASTM F2787 design requirements, exceeds AASHTO LRFD design specs for HS-20 live and burial loads, patented Isolator Row Plus, long term performance technology for water quality and less maintenance. StormTech field engineers and internal engineering services are available to assist with layouts.

Additional charts listing BayFilter treatment flow, BayFilter treatment volume, BayFilter sediment capture capacity with Isolator Row Plus models and flow rates are included.

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