36" Drain Basin Product Sheet

36" Drain Basin Product Sheet.pdf

36" Drain Basin Product Sheet

This document is the 36" Storm Drain Basin Sell Sheet. General information, applications, features and photographs are included.

The 36” (900 mm) Storm Manhole is the newest member of the Nyloplast family of structures and was developed to handle larger pipe diameters, provide access, and meet structural performance standards for traffic applications. It is constructed with a watertight PVC body, water tight gasketed connections, and accepts a variety of ductile iron inlets and covers.

This light weight manhole provides a cost effective solution to traditional concrete with ease of installation and long-term performance where joint integrity and soil migration are concerns.

Applications are listed and include 36” (900 mm) storm manhole can be used in parking lots, roads, and green space applications. Structures can be used anywhere that junction boxes, storm inlets, catch basins, curb inlets, and drop inlets are specified. Manholes are built at plant to project specifications and are ready for field connections. Manholes allow access to storm detention and pipe collection systems.

Features listed include provides watertight connections for a wide range of pipe connection types and sizes up to 36” (900 mm) diameter. Manhole accepts a variety of 30” (750 mm) diameter manhole covers and inlet grates. Structures tested to meet H-20 traffic loading. Materials provide long-service life, excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. Light weight structure constructed from PVC for easy installation. Provides significant installed cost savings. Design minimum pipe angles comparable to 60” (1500 mm) precast concrete manhole. Ladder option provides access to pipe collection system. Installs three times faster than traditional precast. Structures can be factory built with weirs and other flow control devices and deliver to jobsite ready to install.

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