206A 12-60 HP Storm MH Grouted Waterstop Detail

206A 12-60 HP Storm MH Grouted Waterstop Detail.dwg

206A 12-60 HP Storm MH Grouted Waterstop Detail

This document is the 206A 12-60 HP Storm MH Grouted Waterstop Detail. An installation view, detailed connection view and pipe table are included.

The 12”-60” HP Storm Waterstop grouted manhole connection (dual wall) installation view shows the cast iron grate and frame, location to fill void space with acceptable grout material, stainless steel take-up clamps, HP storm dual wall pipe, variable depth and location of backfill that is placed under pipe and properly compacted.

The detailed connection view shows the structure wall, non-shrink patching compound and stainless steel take-up clamp screws placed 180 degrees from each other.

A table confirms the dimensions for pipe size, pipe OD, “A” minimum hole, “B” minimum distance from pipe invert to structure invert and the ADS product codes.

Notes state that performance is highly dependent on installation. Manhole gasket is uniformly seated around structure adapter. Precautions must be taken to prevent settlement between the pipe and manhole. An installation guide is available.

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