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June 6, 2024 / 3 minute read

At ADS, We're Grounded in Innovation

Innovation is a word you hear a lot. It conveys a sense of leadership, boldness and inspiration. And it’s certainly a buzz word in a tag line. But what does it look like in practice when a company truly leads in technical innovations?

ADS is grounded in innovation. It started with our first product, corrugated plastic pipe. Plenty of products and technologies have made our highlight reel since then. And today, ADS plants are changing how people work. We’d like to introduce you to two of our most recent plant advancements.

  • The ADS automated ag trailer
  • The ADS automated maxi coiler

These products immediately improve the workflow on the job. The results are big gains in efficiency and additional safety features for people on site. The old ways of doing things can seem as antiquated as clay tile.


Show your roll

The automated ag trailer is far more than a single solution. It’s a benefits package. And the trailers are in use at every ADS Agriculture plant across the country.

It is a safer, smarter system for unloading pipe. We specifically worked to design a method that would make the unloading process safer for drivers. The result is zero-touch driver unloading using a hydraulic drop system and a push-button release.

“This one-of-a-kind trailer is a breakthrough in our industry,” says Alan Dahlen, business development manager at ADS Agriculture. “With the zero-touch mechanism, truck drivers do not interact directly with the pipe. That significantly lowers the risk of damage during delivery and enhances safety for the drivers.”

Unloading tile just got safer. Runaway coils have been stopped for good. And customers have confidence the delivery system cuts down the chance of pipe damage.


Maxi-mize every minute

The ADS plant in Fairmont, Minnesota is leading the way with its automated maxi coiler. For now, it’s used in 4-inch maxi coil packaging but will expand to other pipe diameters and plants across the country.

The banded maxi enables greater efficiency through a 54% reduction in cuts prior to installation, with 12 bands versus 26 strings. The high tensile strength banding is resistant to breakage and allows for consistent cart reloading and unreeling in the field. And it doesn’t hurt that it looks great, too.


A track record to trust

“We’ve been here for more than 50 years, and we’re not going anywhere,” says Darla Huff, director of agriculture at ADS. “All these investments that we’re making are to keep us on the track forward.”

The automated ag trailer and the automated maxi coiler demonstrate ADS’ unwavering pursuit of innovation in support of our commitment to safety, customer service and quality to keep your business flowing.

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