Kentucky I-165

Bowling Green, KY
Installation Date:

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Westate Constuction
When Kentucky’s William H. Natcher Parkway became I-165 from Bowling Green to Owensboro, the highway needed to be upgraded to meet federal guidelines for interstate standards.


ADS pipe and geotextile wrap chosen for the project as they provide ease of installation due to the long, continuous lengths of pipe, narrow trench widths needed for the pipe and the rapid response time for water to enter the system.

Because of the ease of installing the pipe and wrapping it with the geotextile, it was typical for Westate to install 9,000-12,000’ (2,743-3,657 m) of pipe per day by using 3,200’ (975 m) rolls of the 4” (100 mm) pipe.

Products Used

Singlewall Agriculture Installation Perforated Pipe

Single Wall Perforated Pipe

This Single Wall corrugated pipe has kept farms, golf courses, parks and playing fields dry for decades by channeling away excess underground moisture. The perforated plastic pipe does the same for highway edge drains, c...
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