Long Island
Emergency Field Hospital

Long Island, NY
Installation Date:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

EAI Inc. Environmental Management Services

AECOM Technical Services Inc.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, two temporary, 1,000-bed field hospitals were erected on two Long Island college campuses. The hospitals were large tents made of vinyl making rainwater cascade faster.


Because the turf where the hospitals were built could flood in a medium rain event, stormwater control was vitally necessary.

The hospitals were designed on the fly and plans had to be changed to accommodate the equipment of the various trades. The flexibility of the N-12 pipe allowed a complete project redesign. The light weight of N-12 allowed it to be easily handled by one- or two-person crews and to be zip-tied to attach the pipe to the buildings.

The system was designed to handle 1,230 gallons (4,656 liters) of rainwater per minute. The rainwater runoff from the tents was conveyed through the pipe and went to swales dug to handle the stormwater flow.

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