Sanitary Sewer

Greenville, SC
Installation Date:

City of Greenville

City of Greenville

City of Greenville
When Greenville needed to expand and rehabilitate it sanitary sewer system, it was the first time the city’s utility department took on the total design and construction of such a project.


The city was able to install larger lines and re-route existing lines from private property into the city right-of-way to improve maintenance access. This was done while burying the SaniTite HP pipe 22’ (6.7 m) deep in the heavily populated downtown business area.

SaniTite HP was chosen as it could handle the capacity based on the system’s velocity. The 20’ (6 m) sticks mean fewer joints. The plastic pipe is also lighter and easier to install than traditional pipe.

The city completed the project in 12 weeks and saved roughly half the cost of using an outside contractor. All of this was accomplished while keeping all the surrounding businesses open throughout the installation.

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