110 Lining of Casings Detail (SaniTite HP)

110 Lining of Casings Detail (SaniTite HP).dwg

110 Lining of Casings Detail (SaniTite HP)

This document is the 110 Lining of Casings Detail (SaniTite HP). Diagrams, notes and charts show diameter, push length, spacers and skids.

The first diagram shows the SaniTite HP Carrier pipe, casing pipe and manufactured casing spacers. 2nd diagram shows the joint protection (push-stub), casing spacers, casing pipe and unsupported distance. 3rd diagram shows the skids with top skids used to prevent floatation and lastly, the diagram shows the joint protection (push stub), skid strapping, skids, casing pipe and provide notch for strapping.

Table 1 is the dimensions of HP pipe products and casing pipe. Dual wall and triple wall dimensions for nominal inside diameter, maximum outside diameter and nominal casing size.

Table 2 for maximum unsupported distance has values for pipe diameter with recommended unsupported space.

Table 3 is the push lengths for HP products with the nominal inside diameter and its corresponding push length.

Notes state that the casing spacer manufacturer be contacted for sizing. Typically molded plastic spacers provide shorter runner heights compared to stainless steel configurations. Skids, soil or grout can be used to support pipe invert.

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