1207 USGA Tee Profile (Perf HDPE) Detail

1207 USGA Tee Profile (Perf HDPE) Detail.pdf

1207 USGA Tee Profile (Perf HDPE) Detail

This document is the diagram for the 1207 USGA Tee Profile (Perf HDPE) Detail.

The diagram shows where the compacted subgrade should be, indicates that the tee subgrade to slope is 1-2% max and the tee surface needs to be built with green mix or pure sand. The diagram also shows where the perforated HDPE drainage pipe goes with ⅜” washed pea gravel. Tee construction calls for the highest quality screened topsoil with a 6” minimum depth and sodded tee slopes.

This diagram includes notes. The notes say to ensure proper subsurface drainage, the subgrade should be constructed with a 1% pitch toward installed drainage pipes. The finished minimum width shall be 33' after the mix has been applied. The tee surface should have a 17’ radius to accommodate maintenance equipment.

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