TN220 Geonet Geosynthetic Specification

TN220 Geonet Geosynthetic Specification.pdf

TN220 Geonet Geosynthetic Specification

This document is the ADS Geosynthetics TN220 Geonet Specification. A chart showing the properties is included.

This specification describes the ADS Geosynthetics TN220 Geocomposite consisting of geonet made from HDPE resin. The chart lists categories of Property, Test Method, unit, required value and qualifier with correlating descriptions, ASTM numbers weights and percentages.

Notes state that transmissivity measure using water at 21 ± 2° (70 ± 4°F) with a gradient of 0.1 and a confining pressure of 10,000 psf between stainless steel plates after 15 minutes. Values may vary between individual labs. MARV is statistically defined as mean minus two standard deviations and it is the value which is exceeded by 97.5% of all the test data. Condition 190/2.16.

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