Inserta Tee Lateral Connection Product Sheet

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Inserta Tee Lateral Connection Product Sheet

The ADS® Inserta Tee® is a three-piece service connection consisting of a PVC hub, rubber sleeve and stainless steel band that fits any mainline structure. Inserta Tee does not require special tooling and is compression fit in the cored wall of a mainline using an Inserta Tee hole saw.

Inserta Tee allows for tapping existing lines without disturbing the bedding, eliminates glues, epoxies, grout, awkward gaskets and needing to retighten bands around the mainlines. Inserta Tee matches the mainline’s internal radius and reduces costs by reducing labor hours and materials.

Inserta Tee connection hubs are available for corrugated polyethylene, corrugated polypropylene, PVC C900, SDR 26 HWS, SDR 35 (gasketed bell, SWR spigot and solvent weld bell), IPS/Sch40 (gasketed bell & solvent weld bell) and corrugated PVC. Custom pipe types are available.

Hole saws are available for all Inserta Tee sizes and must be purchased from ADS or the performance warranty will be voided.

Inserta Tee applications include storm sewers, pipe bursting, manholes, drainage, catch basins, sanitary sewers, sliplining, wet wells, irrigation and electrical vaults.

Information also includes Inserta Tee product specification for the 2”-24” (50-600 mm) service connections for use in gravity-flow sewer and drainage applications. The specifications include product requirements, joint performance, field pipe and joint performance and installation. Product requirements of Inserta Tee are a heavy-duty PVC material and stainless steel clamping assembly made from minimum 301 grade steel. The rubber sleeve and gasket shall meet ASTM F477 requirements, and the gasket shall be installed by the manufacturer. A water-based solution provided during manufacturing shall be used during assembly and pipe lube should NOT be used.

Inserta Tee includes a watertight bell connection meeting ASTM D3212 requirements. To assure watertightness, field performance verification may be accomplished by testing in accordance with ASTM F2487, ASTM C969 or ASTM F1417.

Installation shall be in accordance with ADS recommended installation guidelines. The use of installation methods or hole saws not purchased from Inserta Tee will void the performance warranty. Backfill around Inserta Tee shall be of the same type and compaction as specified for the mainline pipe installation.

Contact your local sales representative for acceptable watertight applications.

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