Duraslot XL Trench Drain

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Duraslot XL Trench Drain

This document explains the Duraslot XL Trench Drain. A description of the trench drains, application, features, benefits and specifications provided.

The Duraslot XL Trench Drain provides superior inlet capacity and conveyance volume and engineered to stand up to heavy traffic loads. Manufactured with durable, corrosion-resistant materials provides long lasting, cost effective solutions to stormwater capture. The Duraslot adapts to other ADS products for easy design and installation requiring less fittings or basins.

The Duraslot is made from dual-wall corrugated polyethylene pipe with and aluminum slot mounted on top. It is a cost effective substitute for precast trench drains or cast-in-place trench drains with steel or cast iron grates. It’s available in standard or variable slot height customized to your project needs.

Applications are for street, highways, commercial, warehouse, parks, loading docks, parking lots, athletic fields and school/plazas.

Features include 5” ductile iron grates, up to 36” diameter N-12 pipe, tested to AASHTO HS-25, custom slot heights and nyloplast cleanouts.

Benefits are greater hydraulic efficiency compared to corrugated steel pipe, high conveyance capacity makes for longer continuous runs for less cost and the N-12 pipe offers 100 year design service life with high durability and corrosion resistance.

A photograph of the Duraslot XL standard grate describes the increased inlet capacity and higher load rating. A photograph of the Duraslot XL pedestrian grate describes it’s ADA compliant and heel proof and it has a decorative pattern.

The specification details scope, pipe requirements, fittings and installation. 2 figures showing the drain and dimensions included. A chart for nominal diameter with measurements for length, height, opening width, slot width and pipe width provided.

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