Inserta Tee The Lateral Connection Solution Brochure

Inserta Tee The Lateral Connection Solution Brochure.pdf

Inserta Tee The Lateral Connection Solution Brochure

Inserta Tee® is a three-piece service connection consisting of a PVC hub, rubber sleeve and stainless steel band made from minimum 301 grade steel. Inserta Tees connect 2”-24” (50-600 mm) laterals to all known solid wall, profile, closed profile, corrugated pipe and manhole structures. Inserta Tee is compression fit into the cored wall of the mainline and does not require special tooling.

Inserta Tee is for new and rehabilitation installations and will reduce labor hours and pipe materials, allow services to be connected where needed, matches the pipe’s internal radius for minimal penetration and there is not a need to disturb backfill. Inserta Tee eliminates glues, epoxies, grout and the tightening and retightening of gaskets.

Inserta Tee applications include roof drain leaders, structures, irrigation/agriculture, storm sewers, retention/detention, fiberglass manholes, pipe bursting, sliplining, wet well, electrical vaults and rainwater harvesting.

Inserta Tee Hole Saws come in a variety of sizes and for various pipe types and allow the user to core fast, smooth and clean holes. Inserta Tee Hole Saws must be used for installation or the performance warranty will be void.

The specification page of the brochure states the rubber sleeve and gaskets, which shall be installed by the manufacturer, meet ASTM F477. To assure watertightness, verification must be tested in accordance with ASTM F2487, ASTM C969 or ASTM F1417. Watertight performance of Inserta Tee depends on the type and condition of the mainline pipe. Contact your ADS representative about your specific application.

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