Downspout Disconnections StormTech Detail

Downspout Disconnections StormTech Detail.pdf

Downspout Disconnections StormTech Detail

This document is the Downspout Disconnections StormTech Detail. Cross sections of the Isolator Row Plus, infiltration detail and bypass are shown. Key benefits are featured.

One cross section shows the Isolator Row Plus in detail. Final backfill location with instructions to cover entire Isolator Row Plus with ADS geosynthetic non-woven geotextile is shown. The elevated bypass manifold, sump depth, catch basin/manhole, HDPE access pipe, inspection port, end cap and the StormTech Chamber with one layer of ADS Plus geotextile between foundation stone and chambers is detailed.

The StormTech infiltration detail shows the ADS geosythetic 601T non-woven geotextile around clean, crushed, angular stone, with water flow, outlet control structure and optional geonet ADS TN2200 beneath the system.

The StormTech Isolator Row Plus bypass detail shows the Isolator Row Plus position on a 24” HDPE pipe, next to the bypass row. The plan view has the catch basin and elevated bypass manifold with inset detail on the elevated bypass manifold, prefabricated end cap and 24” HDPE pipe to the Isolator Row Plus.

The StormTech Isolator Row Plus schematic has the inlet to a structure with elevated bypass manifold or overflow weir, flow through stone, inlet manifold, outlet manifold, outlet control structure, underdrain and woven fabric for scour protection.

Key benefits of StormTech are volume reduction of stormwater through infiltration, peak flow attenuation through extended detention, stormwater quality performance, easy construction, inspection and maintenance. Also, the system is certified ASTM & AASHTO product standards with discharge to downstream conveyance.

The water quality benefits of StormTech is 80% TSS removal at or below given CFS per chamber, stormwater reduction through infiltration, removal of TSS, trash, debris, metals, TP, TPH and reduction of thermal impacts.

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