EcoPure BioFilter Maintenance Guide

EcoPure BioFilter Maintenance Guide.pdf

EcoPure BioFilter Maintenance Guide

This document is the EcoPure BioFilter Maintenance Guide. It describes inspection, maintenance procedures and pretreatment.

The ADS EcoPure BioFilter system requires periodic inspection and maintenance for it to operate at the design efficiency. The inspection process helps in deciding when and what level of maintenance will be needed to bring the unit up to or near peak efficiency. As with ADS’ other water quality products, the maintenance cycle of the EcoPure BioFilter system will be driven mostly by the actual solids and trash/debris load brought into the system.

ADS recommends inspecting the EcoPure BioFilter quarterly for the first year of service, and after every significant storm event occurring during the first six months. The definition of a significant storm event will vary depending on the geographic area, but if the event is greater than 1” (25 mm) of intensity within an hour or 3” (75 mm) within a 24-hour period, the system should be inspected. After the first year, systems should be inspected at least bi-annually and ideally before the spring or rainy season and after the summer season, or prior to fall or winter seasons.

It is recommended that some general “good housekeeping” maintenance be performed at the beginning of the rainy or spring season every year. Since the stormwater solids concentration (mg/L as TSS) can be variable, it is possible that the maintenance cycle could be more or less than the projected duration. For most maintenance needs, the EcoPure BioFilter planting component follows the practices used for handling standard bioretention systems (i.e., general landscaping, cover management, and replacement planting of surface plants).

It may be advisable to “water” or irrigate the EcoPure BioFilter plant area in geographical regions experiencing droughts or prolong periods without rainfall during the first year of service. Watering the plant life will help to ensure the plants can take hold and be established for future growth and treatment capabilities.

A list of inspection and general maintenance equipment is provided.

A description of inspection and general maintenance for pretreatment cell and chamber cavity, planting and bioretention media layer and optional third cell is provided. Details and log sheet is included.

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