Arc 36 Product Sheet

Arc 36 Product Sheet.pdf

Arc 36 Product Sheet

This document is the Arc 36 Leachfield Chambers Product Sheet. Features, benefits and specifications explained. Chamber dimension chart and diagrams included.

Leachfield chambers are the product of choice for leachfield applications over conventional pipe and gravel systems. Their lightweight construction lowers installed costs and less intrusive installations.

The Arc 36 septic leaching chamber is a sturdy, lightweight plastic unit the maximizes infiltrative surface area and storage capacity with an improved structural design. This allows for increased effluent dispersal and structural integrity as well as ease of installation and contouring abilities.

The features include injection molding for HDPE lightweight and sturdy design, 20 degree integral articulating joint for straight or contoured leachfields, corrugated design eliminates flat surfaces and provides increased load-bearing capacity, accommodates gravity fed and pressure-dosed systems, lock and drop joint provides positive connection during installation and backfill and universal inlet/outlet cap.

Benefits include 5’ lengths that are easy to handle, quickly installed by 1 person in a wide trench or bed, increased plumbing option with Side Port Coupler component which snaps into place to allow side entry to any joint, diamond plate texture increases slip resistance and inspection vent ports with easy-to-remove knockouts for job flexibility.

The Arc 36 Septic Leaching Chambers specifications listed are for scope, chamber requirements, chamber connection, material properties and installation. A chamber dimensions chart and side view/top down diagrams are included.

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