StormTech + Barracuda Standard Detail

StormTech + Barracuda Standard Detail.dwg

StormTech + Barracuda Standard Detail

Barracuda Max & Isolator Row Plus Schematic is shown.

This schematic of the Barracuda Max & Isolator Row Plus shows configurations, flow rate and cross section profiles. Charts include Barracuda Max minimum rim to invert out, Isolator Row Plus flow rates and Barracuda Max treatment flow.

The key benefits of the Barracuda Max system are:

· Single Manhole Cover

· Variable inlet/outlet angle configurations (not just 180-degree orientation)

· Internal bypass for inline installation (where applicable)

· All units can be installed into a standard precast manhole

· 3' and 4’ units can be factory fabricated in HP manholes for quick delivery with a light and easy to install structure

· In-stock components for quick delivery

· No elevation loss between the inlet and outlet

· Surface inspection and maintenance with no confined space entry

· Designed for easy maintenance using a vacuum truck or similar equipment

· Field engineers and internal engineering services department to assist engineers with sizing and details

The key benefits of a Barracuda Max & Isolator Plus Design are:

· Enhanced sediment removal by combining two industry proven devices

· Extended maintenance cycles

· Easy to install and configure to specific site constraints

· Online design tools allow designers to easily create layouts and details

The Key benefits of StormTech Chambers are:

· Large family of chambers to fit your site

· Easily configurable for irregular shaped beds

· Meets product requirements of ASTM F2418, ASTM F2922 and design requirements of ASTM F2787

· Exceed AASH to LRFD design specifications for HS-20 live loads and deep burial earth loads

· Patented Isolator Row Plus for less frequent maintenance, water quality and long-term performance

· Third party verified performance

· Field engineers and internal engineering services department to assist engineers with sizing and details

The cross-section profile details the Barracuda Max inlet, minimum rim, manifold, FLAMP, chamber, ADS woven geotextile, access pipe, Nyloplast, sump depth.

Barracude Max and Isolator Row plus schematic shows the inlet, inlet manifold, Nyloplast basin, flow through stone, woven fabric for scour protection, underdrain and outlet control structure.

The Barracuda Design Tool web address is:

The StormTech Design Tool web address is:

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