12"-24" Duraslot Tee Standard Nyloplast Detail

12"-24" Duraslot Tee Standard Nyloplast Detail .pdf

12"-24" Duraslot Tee Standard Nyloplast Detail

The Nyloplast 12”-24” (300-600 mm) Duraslot® Tee Standard Detail shows how to utilize a Nyloplast tee body and Duraslot on a project.

The drawing calls out a Nyloplast 12” (300 mm) ductile iron frame and grate/solid cover. It shows the cut out section on the bell for a slot. The 12” (300 mm) riser pipe height can vary based on slot height and can be trimmed in the field to adjust casting elevation. In addition, it shows how the slot height varies on the Duraslot pipe.

In addition, there is a table for Nyloplast 12” (300 mm) casings showing grate options, lead rating, part number and drawing numbers. There is a second table for the Nyloplast Duraslot Tee showing part number and description.

Notes included on the drawing are:

1 – Nyloplast 12” (600 mm) frames and solid covers/grates shall conform to ASTM A536 Grade 70-50-05 for ductile iron.

2 – Adapters for Duraslot connection range between 12”-24 (300-600 mm). See drawing No.7001-110-275 for ADS N-12 bell information.

3 – Slot height varies depending on design criteria. Slot height can range from 2.5” to 36” (63 to 900 mm).

4- Encase adapter in concrete to seal connection between Duraslot pipe and Nyloplast tee body.

5 – Rectangular slots are to be cut into bell on Nyloplast tee during the manufacturing process to allow pipe and tee to fit properly.

7 – Dimensions are for reference only. Actual dimensions may vary.

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