Rainwater Harvesting with HP Pipe Cisterns Product Sheet

Rainwater Harvesting with HP Pipe Cisterns Product Sheet.pdf

Rainwater Harvesting with HP Pipe Cisterns Product Sheet

This document is the Rainwater Harvesting with HP Pipe Cisterns Product Sheet. Applications, features, benefits and specifications explained.

With the growing demand for both usable water and storm water control, ADS HP (High Performance) pipe cistern systems are a valuable, cost-effective solution. The storage and reuse of rainwater is especially valuable in areas where water resources are at a premium. Rainwater harvesting takes advantage of run-off from lawns, roofs and pavement, collecting and storing it in underground cisterns—out of sight until needed.

ADS HP pipe is the building block of our cisterns. In combination with INSERTA TEE®, manifold fittings and other tap connections, it creates a reclamation solution for any location and layout. In some situations, water reuse is being driven by regulatory requirements and the demand is increasing, especially in arid regions of the country. The economic and environmental benefits go hand-in-hand, making the ADS rainwater harvesting system an advantageous addition to any development.

Applications include Storm water storage and reuse, Residential & Commercial run-off control and Lawn, landscape, turf and garden irrigation.

Features are Durable polypropylene, Structurally sound to withstand H-20 traffic loading, Lightweight, easy to install, Chemically resistant, Layouts are customizable and expandable for every location and Unlimited capacity—can be constructed to hold any volume required.

Benefits of the system are that it won’t corrode, long service life. Provides water resource management. Easy installation provides cost-efficiency. Underground installation supports multiple land uses.

The ADS HP Rainwater Harvesting Cistern specification lists scope, material properties, cistern requirements, joint performance, quality, performance testing and installation. A chart for the ADS HP Rainwater Harvesting Cistern dimensions and specifications is included.

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