EcoStream Biofiltration System OM

EcoStream Biofiltration System OM.pdf

EcoStream Biofiltration System OM

This document is the EcoStream Biofiltration System O&M. Description, configuration, operations, inspections and overview detailed. Log sheet included.

The EcoStream Biofiltration System is an engineered stormwater biofiltration treatment system designed to capture and retain a variety of pollutants including sediments, phosphorus, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. EcoStream incorporates the processes of sedimentation, filtration, infiltration, adsorption, and biological uptake to provide both water quality and quantity benefits in a small footprint.

EcoStream should be activated after a site is stabilized to prevent uncontrolled stormwater runoff from the construction site from entering the system.

The EcoStream system comes in many standard sizes and is available in several different deployment configurations. Excess flow spills over an overflow pipe and is directly discharged along with treated flow.

Stormwater runoff enters the EcoStream via a pipe inlet or curb inlet and flows downward under gravity flow through mulch/media/gravel layers. The top layer provides pretreatment by retaining the coarse sediments, trash and debris. The fine sediments and dissolved pollutants are further treated through the media bed in depth.

Treated water enters an underdrain pipe or infiltrates into the ground (installations with open bottoms).

The EcoStream system requires periodic inspection and maintenance for it to operate at the design efficiency. The frequency of maintenance depends on the site-specific pollutant loading conditions.

Inspection and general maintenance equipment list and procedures discussed. Records of operation and maintenance is an important component of the site’s stormwater management system.

An EcoStream Biofilter Inspection and O& M log sheet is provided.

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