EcoPure BioFilter Installation Guide

EcoPure BioFilter Installation Guide.pdf

EcoPure BioFilter Installation Guide

This document is the EcoPure BioFilter Installation Guide. Material list, parts and installation instructions with photographs provided.

The material list for the EcoPure models 60, 120, 180, 240 and 360 shows the specifications of the chambers, filters and pipes needed for each model. The Material List with detail includes Pretreatment cell, Biofiltration cell, Pipe or surface influent, Outlet pipe, High flow bypass, Biofiltration cell internal manifolds, FlexStorm, Inlet riser pipe assemblies, Infiltrator chambers, Gravel and Cleanout.

The EcoPure BioFilter parts shows photographs of everything to consider during installation.

Pre-Install at the precast facility lists the steps of assemble and install 6” PVC TEE pipes and fittings, install the bypass elbow in the pre-treatment cell, install the inlet filter basket for trash capture, install temporary rubber covers on top of standpipes, in the biofiltration cell, mark a perimeter line from the bottom of the cell along the walls of the unit, place one strip of precut fabric over the ends of both chamber rows to limit rock from entering cavity, install the EcoPure manifold into the biofiltration cell, check drawing to determine if the bypass is designed with the 6” PVC bypass pipe or weir in the pretreatment cell and for the EcoPure 60, the precaster will add one super sack of biofiltration media to the 2nd cell. Photographs document the steps.

For Vault Installation contact utility locator to mark any nearby underground utilities and make sure it is safe to excavate. Reference the site plan and stake out the location of the EcoPure Biofilter vault. Excavate the hole, providing any sheeting and shoring necessary to comply with all federal, state and local safety regulations. Level the subgrade to the proper elevation. Verify the elevation against the EcoPure Biofilter vault dimensions, the invert elevations, and the site plans. Adjust the base aggregate, if necessary. Have the soil bearing capacity verified by a licensed engineer for the required load bearing capacity. On solid subgrade, set the first section, or base section of the EcoPure Biofilter vault. Check the level and elevation of the vault to ensure it is correct before installing the external components. All external piping will need to be installed prior to backfilling the EcoPure Vault.

Notes for EcoPure installation for the site contractor are included.

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