ADS Plus Woven Geosynthetic Specification

ADS Plus Woven Geosynthetic Specification.pdf

ADS Plus Woven Geosynthetic Specification

This document is the ADS Plus 125 175 Woven Geotextile, 01-2022 for use with the StormTech Isolator Row Plus. A chart showing the filter fabric properties is included.

This specification describes the woven geotextile fabrics, which are woven polypropylene materials offering optimum performance when used in stabilization applications. Produce from first quality raw materials, they provide the perfect balance of strength and separation in styles capable of functioning exceptionally well in a wide

range of performance requirements. Filtration, separation, confinement and reinforcement are benefits.

The chart lists properties that are Minimum Average Roll Values. Categories shown are Property, Test Method, English M.A.R.V. and Metric M.A.R.V. with correlating descriptions, ASTM numbers weights and percentages.

Notes state that the property values listed above are subject to change without notice. Minimum Average Roll Values (MARV) is calculated as the average minus two standard deviations. Statistically, it yields approximately 97.5% degree of confidence that any samples taken from quality assurance testing will meet or exceed the values.

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