ADS Foundation Book Brochure

ADS Foundation Book Brochure.pdf

ADS Foundation Book Brochure

This document is the ADS Foundation Book Brochure. Sustainability is at the core of what ADS does and this brochure explains how.

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. created an industry by commercializing plastic pipe over 55 years ago. We were the first to differentiate and stand behind our products. The now iconic green stripe defines our brand and stands for quality and support. With each new product development, we have proven our total commitment to both product quality and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. In the process, ADS has become one of the largest, most experienced manufacturers of water management solutions. Sustainability is at the core of what we do. As the largest plastic recycler in North America and a leading water management company, we are guided by our commitment to preserve and protect Earth’s most precious resource: water.

Our vision is to advance quality of life through sustainable and resilient solutions to water management challenges. Our mission is to provide clean water management solutions to communities and deliver unparalleled service to our customers. Our principles focus on the fact that we are process oriented and disciplined. We hold ourselves to the highest expectations and are accountable for our decisions. Our values are that our employees are the enablers of our success. Each of us has the ability to drive results. Our commitment to safety, customer service and quality is in all that we do. We have a disciplined approach to attack complacency and continuously improve.

We grow and flourish as a company, as community partners and as individuals by providing a safe, productive work environment that allows us to offer industry leading products and customer service.

Our culture at ADS is passion, innovation and continuous improvement will always be at the heart of our work.

ADS values people, process and performance and passion, innovation and continuous improvement will always be at the heart of our work. We value diverse perspectives because they lead to better ideas, processes, performance and more opportunities for all.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are key. Ambitions. Enablers, priorities and commitment are described.

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