SG700 Geogrid Geosynthetic Specification

SG700 Geogrid Geosynthetic Specification.pdf

SG700 Geogrid Geosynthetic Specification

This document is the ADS SG700 Geogrid Specification. Design, long term strength, molecular and physical properties listed.

ADS SG700 is a geogrid reinforcement for soil. These high performance geogrids are constructed of high molecular weight and high tenacity polyester yarns utilizing a complex knitting process and polymeric coating to provide superior engineering properties. It is engineered to be mechanically and chemically durable in both the harsh construction installation phase and in aggressive soil environments (pH range from 3-9).

The design properties chart lists values and test methods for ultimate strength and creep limit strength.

The long-term design strength chart lists item, unit and typical values for sands, silt and clay.

The molecular properties chart lists item, test methods and specifications for molecular weight and carboxyl end group values.

The physical properties chart lists item, unit and dimensions for W x L roll, area, weight and weight per roll.

Notes state that both machine and cross-machine direction strength (Biaxial strength) are featured. Minimum Average Roll Values is for machine direction. Roll weights are average values including shipping cores. Actual roll weights may vary. At time of manufacturing, handling, storage and shipping may change these properties.

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