101I Inserta Tee (HDPE) Detail

101I Inserta Tee (HDPE) Detail.pdf

101I Inserta Tee (HDPE) Detail

The drawing describes installing Inserta Tee® into HDPE or Solid Pipe mainline. The Inserta Tee component includes a PVC hub sized for the lateral and pipe type, a rubber sleeve pipe adapter with hose clamp. The drawing describes minimum trench width, the amount of bedding required, the haunch, springline, initial backfill, final backfill and the minimum cover to flexible and rigid pavement.

The pipe system shall be installed in accordance with ASTM D2321 and the Inserta Tee connection should not be placed at an angle exceeding 45° from the springline. Greater angles are subject to design engineer approval and may require premium backfill.

Information on the drawing also includes the suitable material needed for the foundation, bedding and initial backfill. Minimum cover over the pipe for non-traffic applications is 12” from the top of pipe to ground surface area. For traffic applications, minimum cover is 12” up to 8” diameter pipe and 24” of cover for 54”-60” diameter pipe – measured from top of pipe to bottom of flexible pavement or to top of rigid pavement.

A table is also provided to show recommended minimum trench widths depending on the pipe’s diameter.

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