Reclaimed Water Service Tubing (IPS & CTS) Specification

Reclaimed Water Service Tubing (IPS & CTS) Specification.pdf

Reclaimed Water Service Tubing (IPS & CTS) Specification

The specification describes ADS Reclaimed Water Service Tubing (CTS) pipe SDR 9 for use in reclaimed water service applications.

The information includes pipe requirements, material properties, disinfection maintenance, installation and tubing properties information.

ADS reclaimed water service tubing meets ASTM D2239 and AWWA C901 requirements and the pipe’s dimensions meet Iron Pipe Size (IPS) standards. The pipe is lavender in color.

The material properties are high-density polyethylene conforming to the minimum requirements of cell classification 445574C or 445574E described in ASTM D3350. The resin’s material designation code is PE4710 as designated by the Plastic Pipe Institute.

The active chlorine content of the disinfecting solutions shall not exceed 12% and must be flushed from all lines within the system. Industry accepted procedures, like ANSI/AWWA C651 Disinfecting Water Mains, should be followed for both new and repaired reclaimed water lines.

Installation is similar to other flexible tubing/pipe products. Methods include direct bury, plowing or pulling are applicable per local, state or federal guidelines.

The tubing properties table shows outside diameter, wall thickness, pressure rating and weight for ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2” pipe.

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