Channel Muck Pipe Specification

Channel Muck Pipe Specification.pdf

Channel Muck Pipe Specification

This document is the Channel Muck Pipe Specification. Scope, pipe requirements, joint performance, fittings, material properties and installation explained.

This specification describes ADS Channel-Muck pipe in 4- through 6-inch (100 to 150mm) diameters for use in agricultural drainage applications.

ADS Channel-Muck pipe shall have a corrugated interior and corrugated exterior. 4- through 6-inch (100 to 150mm) pipe shall meet the requirements of ASTM F667 and SCS 606. There shall be three perforations every 4.2-inch (107 mm) on the length of the pipe.

Pipe shall be joined with self-coupling stubs located at the ends of each pipe section. Fittings shall conform to ASTM F667.

Pipe material shall be high density polyethylene conforming with the minimum requirements of cell classification 424410C as defined and described in the latest version of ASTM D3350; or ASTM D1248 Type III, Class C, Category 4, Grade P33.

Installation shall be in accordance with ADS recommended installation instructions and those issued by regional, state or local agencies.

A Figure is included with another showing perforation options.

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