ADS BX124 Geogrid Geosynthetic Specification

ADS BX124 Geogrid Geosynthetic Specification.pdf

ADS BX124 Geogrid Geosynthetic Specification

This document is the ADS BX124GGS Geogrid Specification. Durability, load capacities, allowable strength reduction factors and index properties listed.

The specifications for the ADS BX124GGS Biaxial Geogrid specifications are product type, Integrally Formed Biaxial Geogrid, Polymer: Polyethylene, Load Transfer Mechanism: Positive Mechanical Interlock, Primary Applications: Base Reinforcement, Subgrade Improvement.

The index properties chart lists values for aperture dimensions, minimum rib thickness, tensile strengths and ultimate tensile strength.

The structural integrity chart lists values for junction efficiency, flexural stiffness and aperture stability.

The durability chart lists values for resistance to installation damage, resistance to long term degradation and UV degradation.

Dimensions and delivery clarifies that the biaxial geogrid shall be delivered to the jobsite in roll form with each roll individually identified and nominally measuring 3.9 meters (12.9 feet) in width and 50.0 meters (164 feet) in length. A typical truckload quantity is 215 rolls.

Notes state that unless indicated otherwise, values shown are minimum average roll values determined in accordance with ASTM D4759-02. Brief descriptions of test procedures are given in the following notes, Nominal dimensions, True resistance to elongation, Load transfer capability, Resistance to bending force, Resistance to in-plane rotational movement, Resistance to loss of load capacity or structural integrity, Resistance to loss of load capacity or structural integrity when subjected to chemically aggressive environments, Resistance to loss of load capacity or structural integrity when subjected to 500 hours of ultraviolet light and aggressive weathering.

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