Storm Water Quality Unit Specification

Storm Water Quality Unit Specification.pdf

Storm Water Quality Unit Specification

This document is the Storm Water Quality Unit Specification. For use in on-site point source for storm water treatment. Storm Water chart and figure included.

This specification describes 36- through 60-inch (900 to 1500 mm) Storm Water Quality Units for use in on-site point source storm water treatment applications.

Storm Water Quality Units shall have a smooth interior and annular exterior corrugations meeting the requirements of ASTM F2737. The unit shall have at least three containment zones, each zone separated from the next by use of a weir or baffle plate Weir and baffle plates shall be welded at all interfaces between the plate and water quality unit. First weir plate shall incorporate a saw tooth design and shall be reinforced with stiffeners positioned horizontally on the downstream side of the plate to be retained. Storm Water Quality Units shall provide adequate clean-out and inspection access.

Connections for the bypass line and the unit shall utilize the same joint quality as specified for the main storm sewer pipe. Couplers for the bypass line may be either split couplers, in-line bell couplers, snap couplers, bell-bell couplers, or welded bell couplers.

Materials, Made in America, installation is explained along with performance confirmation. A Storm Water Quality Unit Dimensions and Specs chart and an ADS Storm Water Quality Unit figure provided.

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