Nyloplast Drain Basin Product Sheet

Nyloplast Drain Basin Product Sheet.pdf

Nyloplast Drain Basin Product Sheet

This document is the Nyloplast Drain Basin Product Sheet. Various drain basins and transitions are featured with photographs.

Nyloplast drain basins are used as a collection point where one or more drain lines converge. They can provide a transition between different sizes and types of pipe and change the elevation or direction of the pipe.

Watertight connection structures are shipped with rubber gaskets to ensure a watertight connection. This prevents the soil infiltration that plagues precast structures and prevents long-term settlement around the basin.

Flexible resilient connections allow minor movement to take place without compromising the structural or watertight integrity of the basin. With Nyloplast, you can connect and backfill immediately.

Quick, easy and inexpensive installation. The product is lightweight and easily handled which translates into safer and faster installation with less equipment and personnel, which results in a lower total cost.

Field Adjustments with Add-a-Branch kits are a quick and cost-effective way to connect lateral pipes to drain basins in the field when unknown variables may be expected or encountered.

Drain basins are used to change diameter, change elevation, change direction and change pipe type. A chart for building a drain basin body shows part number, product description and available outlet values.

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