TYPAVE25 Lab Test Results

TYPAVE25 Lab Test Results.pdf

TYPAVE25 Lab Test Results

This document is the TYPAVE25 Lab Test Results. A summary showing the values of physical ring, lab test, usage and heavy truck axle load demand is provided.

The Physical Ring Data shows: 2.30 in. O.D. x 1 in. high (2.11 in. I.D.), 0.597 sq. in. of plastic surface contact area per ring, 3.58 sq. in. surface contact area per 6 ring test section, Physical molded unit data (injection molded HDPE): 10 in. x 6.25 in. x 1 in. high (62.5 sq. in. per unit), 13.8 rings per sq. foot (avg. 10.4 sq. in. per ring).

Lab Test Data shows: Bare Rings, with deflection stopped at 0.032 in., 12.257 lbs load to test section (6 rings), 3,424 psi plastic resin strength (12.257/3.58), 2,043 lbs per ring (12,257/6), 196.1 psi over test section area (12,257/62.5), 28,238 lbs per square foot load capacity (196.1 x 144).

Another Lab Test Data shows: Sand Filled Rings 410,089 lbs per test section area (machine load), 68,348 lbs per filled ring (410,089/6), 6,561 psi load over test section area (410,089/62.5), 944,784 lbs per square foot load capacity (6,561 x 144).

Examples of Usage for TYPAVE25 are: Auto tires - 40 psi vs. 6,561 psi = 164x safety factor (6” x 6” tire contact area). Truck tires - 110 psi vs. 6,561 psi = 60x safety factor (6.5” x 6.5” tire contact area). DC 10 tires - 250 psi vs. 6,561 psi = 26x safety factor F-16 tires - 350 psi x 6,561 psi = 19x safety factor. Fire Truck Outriggers - 70,000 lbs/4 = 17,500 lbs/(12 in. x 18 in.) = 81 psi vs. 6,561 psi = 81x safety factor.

Heavy Truck Axle Load Demand = 36,000 lbs on 4 tires (similar to old H-20 loading) (9” x 9” tire contact area x 9,000 lbs per tire at 110 psi tire pressure). TYPAVE25 “bare” capacity = 196.1 psi x 81 sq. in. = 15,884 lbs/tire x 4 = 32 ton axle.TYPAVE25 “filled” capacity = 6,561 psi x 81 sq. in. = 531,441 lbs/tire x 4 = 1,063 ton axle load.

NOTE: Actual load bearing capacities of pavements using these products must provide for a rigid base to receive and accommodate the design loads planned - which are transferred from the surface to the base course by the rings. All load figures provided above for TYPAVE25 and are based upon lab tests conducted by TRI Environmental, Inc., Austin, Texas, using its laboratory resources.

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